Directly reach your customers digitally.

Gain with better RoI.

Targeted Outreach
Multi-city coverage

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Partner with India's fastest growing renovation network

Thousands of users across India, use Renewate to plan and calculate their home, apartment, office, shop or retail space renovation requirements.

Use Renewate's reach to directly connect with these customers to showcase your products on their devices.

Gain direct access to showcase your products to these customers directly on their devices and enable them to make informed decisions.

Find answers

to all your important questions

How can I register and use Renewate ?

It is easy.
Download our Android App from the Google Playstore and get registered by sharing few details like your name, location, email and phone number. Alternately sign-up after choosing your material type on this page.

How will Renewate help me ?

Customers today use mobile phones, computers and the internet to make their choices and order services.
Renewate will become your marketing tool to share details of your latest products directly to these customers, helping you gain extremely targeted views.

Can Renewate help me sell my material ?

Yes, Renewate partners directly with architects, designers, contractors and professionals in the renovation, remodeling, design and refurbishment business to help them get access to your products. Sign-up to know more.