We know, our contractor and site worker brothers & sisters can't work from home.

ReNEWate wants to help.

In partnership with Haqdarshak , to help you get access to eligible Government Support Schemes in these difficult times.

ReNEWate is an awareness partner in this initiative.

To read more, please visit - https://haqdarshak.com/covid

ReNEWate has been recognized as one of few companies poised to transform India, promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship and contribution to the inclusive growth of the economy. Smartfifty is an initiative aligned with the country’s focused approach to promote entrepreneurship driven social development. IIM Calcutta Innovation Park in partnership with DST – Government of India. ‘Smartfifty’ – a search for solutions to transform India’. To read more, please visit - https://www.smartfifty.com

Renewate, today launched and published the first Google Tango App from India on the playstore. Named "Renewate AR" , the app is intended to help property owners, interior designers as well as contractors.